About Us

Kolla Vijaya Krishna

Founder & CEO


The main purpose of sikkimemploymentexchange.com is not only to provide information related to the local employment opportunities to the people of Sikkim, but also to provide a systematic solution for cultural terrorism, recessions, safety, security of women & children, national security, prevention of crime in local communities, well being of small, local & traditional business, migration, separatism, regional disputes and a stress free secured society and also to create healthy and wealthy local economies.


Vision & Mission

Transnational's / sikkimemploymentexchange.com Vision

To promote employment opportunities locally across the state of Sikkim.

Transnational's Mission Statement

To be the global leader in promoting employment opportunities Locally.

The Values that drive us:

  • Transnational is focused on creating sustainable value growth through innovative solutions
    and unique partnerships.
  • Our values are at the heart of our business reputation and are essential to our continued
Sikkim MapSikkim Map
Sikkim Map

Transnational is committed to building relationships with local communities and the society as a whole

Our Aim : To Promote Employment Opportunities Locally.

The Five Golden Commandments :

  • Transparency
  • Local Partnership
  • People Participation
  • Voluntary Work
  • Openness